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House fire with entrapment in Laurel
Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Sussex Fire Box 81-1, reported house fire with entrapment in Laurel. An occupant of a two-story house was trapped on the second floor. Delmar Fire Dept Engine 74-1 with a staffing of 5 under the direction of Deputy Chief Joyner responded along with Truck 74-4 and Paramedic B-74. Engine 74-1 laid out from the corner of 2nd Street and Oak Street.

The crew went to Side Bravo (left side) of the house, where a firefighter from Seaford Engine-Tanker 87-5 was positioned. Crews from both Engine 74-1 and ET 87-5 threw a 16 foot ground ladder to access two second floor windows and initiate VES (Vent-Enter-Search). A firefighter from Engine74-1 and ET 87-5 performed VES with successful results and found and removed the trapped person from the house. A second ground ladder was thrown assisting with affecting the rescue. Delmar and Seaford's crew handed the occupant, in critical condition, to awaiting members from Delmar and Laurel.

The patient was successfully evacuated off the ground ladders and resuscitation efforts ensued by Sussex County EMS and Paramedic B-74. The attempt was successful and the patient was transported Priority-1 to Nanticoke Hospital for further care and evaluation.

The successful rescue was the result of well choreographed teamwork by all fire departments involved.

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